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In a groundbreaking project with NIKE, I spearheaded the reimagining and realization of their Career Site and Talent Acquisition Ecosystem, elevating it to become one of the world’s leading career platforms. Approaching and successfully winning NIKE as a client, my role encompassed Vision, Concept, Creative Direction, and end-to-end Project Management, from the initial idea to the triumphant go-live. I harnessed my network to unite top-tier creatives, particularly synthesizing a dynamic collaboration with Butchershop. Our ambitious goal: to touch over 1 million+ visitors per year and present an authentic glimpse into NIKE’s vibrant work culture and talent ecosystem. A standout feature I co-invented and facilitated was “Find my Fit,” an innovative pathway inviting applicants to explore their career aspirations, passions, and skills. This unique matching engine adeptly connects them to positions they might have otherwise overlooked, forging meaningful connections and fortifying NIKE’s talent community. The result was not merely a career site but is now a destination, where potential talent can immerse, explore, and discover their perfect fit within the NIKE universe.

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